Selling a house can be a complex process. Nicholas & Miriam Peters can help you at every stage, from setting a price to marketing the property to closing the sale.

Listing to Sell

With tough economic times many Realtors have thrown in the towel and decided that placing their listings on MLS and a sign in the yard is enough and sometimes all they can do".

Let's face it marketing is not cheap. However your home will NOT sell unless you have an aggressive marketing campaign and an experienced real estate agent with the knowledge, quality of salesmanship and global connections to sell your home. So now I must ask "are you ready to sell your home"? If the answer is yes let's get together and discuss what it's going to take and how we can assist you in the sale of your home. Our newest listing book.
Seller’s Mistakes
Real Estate Marketing
Seller Guides and Checklists
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Glossary of Real Estate Terms
A Short Guide to Real Estate Lingo and Acronyms
The Home Selling Process
1. Evaluate Your Situation
2. Plan Your Selling Strategy
3. Stage and Show Your Home
4. Close the Deal
Home Seller's Questions
Looking to hire a real estate agent to sell your home? Peters & Associates, Inc. always recommends comparing as many agents as you need until you feel comfortable and confident with one.
Seller’s Questions
Home Seller’s Checklist
You can significantly influence the selling price of your property by preparing before putting it on the market. Here are some suggestions to improve a buyer's first impression of your home. Print this out and use it as a reference. 
Seller’s Checklist
Tips For Selling
When we list your home, we will go through the house together. Meanwhile, here are some of my tips for you to think about.  In doing this, we will be ahead of most of the sellers (our competition) already on the market in the way your home shows.